Governor’s Health Equity Council releases 20 recommendations to build health equity in Wisconsin

Gina Green Harris MBA
Gina Green-Harris, MBA, director Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute Regional Milwaukee Office

The Governor’s Health Equity Council released its full report “Building a Better Wisconsin: Investing in the Health and Well-being of Wisconsinites” on January 30, 2023. The report includes 20 recommendations adopted by the council and an examination of the social determinants of health that contribute to differences in health outcomes documented across the state.

Gina Green-Harris, MBA, director of Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute Regional Milwaukee Office, is chairperson of the council. In a statement about the report, Green-Harris said the plan is designed to build a brighter future for all residents of Wisconsin.

“We must be willing to challenge the status quo to transform policies and practices that we know continue to be obstacles for the most vulnerable citizens who have been historically, and continue to be, excluded from accessing opportunities that will allow them to be as healthy as possible. It is through the removal of these barriers that we can begin building a Wisconsin where everyone has the opportunity to be healthy, well, and live their life to the fullest,” she said. “For that reason, we ask that our elected officials, members of the community, and experts across the state seriously engage with this report and commit to working and partnering together, and with council members, to make this vision a reality for our state. The future success of our state and its residents is what is at stake.”

Read more about the report and download it on the Governor’s Health Equity Council webpage.