Dr. Norris discusses Minority Health Month and Breaking the Silence event on WTMJ

Nia talks to tv reporter
Dr. Norris on WTMJ-TV, April 15, 2022

April is Minority Health Month, an event held nationally each year to recognize health disparities affecting people of color. In recognition, the WAI Regional Milwaukee office hosts an annual event offering information, support and resources about health disparities that persist among racial and ethnic minority populations and the ways in which legislation, policies and programs can advance health equity. The eighth annual Breaking the Silence: Addressing in Dementia in Communities of Color is held virtually over three programs this year: April 22, April 25 and April 28.

Nia Norris, PhD, associate director of the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute Regional Milwaukee Office, joined the Morning Blend on WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee to discuss the event, along with Bashir Easter, PhD, assistant director of All of Us research program.

“I’d like individuals to know if they are caring for a loved one with dementia or are experiencing memory loss themselves, that they are not alone,” Norris said. “There is a community of people and organizations like ours that are here to support them every step of the way through their journey.”

The segment “Minority Health Month” aired on WTMJ-TV April 15, 2022.