Dr. Johnson describes importance, generosity of Alzheimer’s disease research participants

Sterling interview on tv GB

WRAP PI Sterling Johnson, PhD described the importance of research participants to Green Bay television station NBC26, on the day an independent documentary featuring UW–Madison research premiered on PBS. The independent documentary “Determined: Fighting Alzheimer’s” premiered on the PBS science series NOVA April 6, 2022.

Along with documentary producer Therese Barry-Tanner, Johnson spoke about the importance of Alzheimer’s disease research and the valuable role of research participants. Participants from Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimer’s Prevention (WRAP) are featured in the documentary, along with Johnson and colleagues at WAI and UW-Madison Alzheimer’s disease research programs.

“When do these proteins start going bad in midlife? How early can we detect it? And what can we do about it? That’s really the value of the study,” Johnson said. “And the documentary really brings out this idea… That it’s only through dedicated, generous, determined participants that we can get to these answers.”

Determined to find a cure, one Green Bay woman raises Alzheimer’s awareness” aired on NBC26 Green Bay April 6, 2022.

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Watch Determined: Fighting Alzheimer’s on PBS NOVA now through May 6, 2022.

Find out more about DETERMINED on the film website or follow their Facebook page for updates about where to view the film.