“DETERMINED” documentary is complete, will premiere in November

After many years of work, the documentary DETERMINED is complete!

The  independent film, featuring WRAP participants and researchers, will premiere at the DOCUTAH Film Festival November 2 -7, 2020, in George, Utah.

About the film:

DETERMINED features a personal look into Alzheimer’s disease research. The independent documentary follows three WRAP volunteer participants as they take part in research to help understand Alzheimer’s disease, illustrates the difficulties families face after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, and highlights the work of WRAP researchers. The film features interviews with scientists from UW Alzheimer’s disease research programs.

New: Watch the film trailer

A video still from the film shows WAI Director Cynthia Carlsson, MD, MS and a participant.

One of the film producer’s, Therese Barry-Tanner, has been a participant in the WRAP study for more than fifteen years. Barry-Tanner served as a caregiver to her mother as she battled Alzheimer’s disease. The documentary began as Therese’s idea in 2011, and she said she hopes that DETERMINED will bring the audience through the difficult decisions faced when a loved one lives with or dies from Alzheimer’s disease. She also hopes the film will share the experience of being a research volunteer participant, and offer an inside look at the people who are working to find a cure.

Please note: DETERMINED was previously titled Will I Be Next.

Visit the film website. Find updates and more details on the film’s Facebook page.