Caring for a loved one during COVID-19: WAI’s Gail Morgan interviewed on PBS Wisconsin

On August 13, Milwaukee Public Television’s show “Black Nouveau” aired a segment about the difficult challenges family caregivers face during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Gail Morgan, from the WAI Regional Milwaukee Office, was featured in the episode, as well as members of the Wade family, who have close connections to the Amazing Grace chorus and the WAI.

Willie Wade, 96, is cared for at home by his daugher, Diane Wade. Sadly, both of them and Diane’s daughter contracted COVID-19 in early March. While the physical affects of the disease were able to be controlled and they have recovered, Diane Wade said the stress of the illness took a large toll.

“It not only affects your body, it affects your mind,” she said. “I haven’t really been able to sleep since.”

Morgan said the effects of staying-at-home and being a full-time caregiver to her mother, Marie, 93, have been emotionally draining.  She is able to to work from home, but now is also responsible for being a full-time family caregiver and following COVID-19 quarantine guidelines.  Watch the interview with Morgan and the Wades in the episode, “Stories of Our Pandemic: #103.” The segment about family caregiving begins at 8:35.