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The DICE Approach™ was developed by experts from the University of Michigan and Johns Hopkins University to help caregivers learn how to identify and manage BPSD. DICE stands for Describe, Investigate, Create and Evaluate. This evidence-based approach teaches caregivers how to describe or interpret the behaviors caused by dementia, create a response that can work and then evaluate the outcome. The approach can reduce stress for caregivers and may help persons with dementia stay in their home longer. DICE is available online, which was especially helpful as we adapted our training during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our team has extensive experience with the DICE Approach. We have built on this experience to begin training nurses and other healthcare staff at Milwaukee Health Services, Inc. and Richland Medical Center on how to respond to BPSD. Our DICE consultants are Molly Schroeder, CSW and Tammi Albrecht, DNP.

Following the online training, the consultants provide monthly follow-up sessions with participants to practice implementing DICE with case examples. The consultants are also available to address questions related to BPSD.

DICE Approach™ Overview


Online DICE training:  DICE Approach
Dice Approach™ manual