Dr. Mora Pinzon talks brain health and Latinos risk of Alzheimer’s disease on Wisconsin Telemundo

Dr Mora Pinzon
Dr. Mora Pinzon

Maria Mora Pinzon, MD, MS, FACPM, recently gave an interview in Spanish about Alzheimer’s disease, its impact on Latinos and brain health. “Una doctora local habla sobre la salud del cerebro y los signos de la demencia y el Alzheimer” aired on Telemundo Wisconsin on March 14, 2022.  Watch the interview.

Latinos face a high burden of Alzheimer’s disease and are less likely to receive a diagnosis and treatment, are more likely to receive care at home by unpaid caregivers, and develop Alzheimer’s disease symptoms an average of seven years earlier than non-Hispanic whites. Diagnostic tests for Alzheimer’s disease are typically not evaluated for Latino populations nor offered in the preferred language.

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Mora Pinzon discussed her work and the need to make Alzheimer’s disease research and resources accessible to a broader range of communities on the Dementia Matters podcast. Listen now.