Accessibility and Community: Bringing Alzheimer’s and dementia resources to the Latinx community

WAI scientist and UW School of Medicine and Public Health primary care research fellow Maria Mora Pinzon, MD, MS, was interviewed in a recent episode of the Dementia Matters podcast.

Dr. Mora Pinzon discussed her work with UsAgainstAlzheimer’s newly-released tool, BrainGuide. The BrainGuide questionnaire highlights a growing movement to make Alzheimer’s disease research and resources accessible to a broader range of communities. Released in 2021, BrainGuide is a resource that provides information about Alzheimer’s disease in English and Spanish through online and telephone questionnaires.

Dr. Mona Pinzon discussed the barriers and risks that the Latinx community face surrounding brain health, the ways to connect with the community through research, and her experience working on BrainGuide, and the importance and impacts of community-tailored research and resources. Learn more about the Spanish-Language BrainGuide, its questionnaire, and other resources on their website. To fill out the questionnaire, you can find it digitally on their website ( or complete it over the phone by calling or texting 855-272-4641.

Listen to the episode on the Dementia Matters webpage or on podbean.