Dr. Mora Pinzon discusses obstacles to care for Latinx people with dementia

Maria Mora Pinzon
Dr. Mora Pinzon, MD, MS

Latinx people face higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia in the United States. Despite the increased burden of disease, they are less likely to seek and receive health care. WAI scientist Maria Mora Pinzon, MD, MS, recently discussed the health disparity in Chicago-area media outlets.

In an interview with Chicago news station WTTW, Dr. Mora Pinzon described Latinx are less likely to move a relative into a residential care facility or access other forms of help.

“We have heard from people that are looking for the services, that they are not available for their family members,” she said. “It’s either an access issue where they are not eligible, or the insurance does not cover these types of services.”

She said a scarcity of Spanish language services is also a factor, but says culture also plays a part in discouraging Latinx families from seeking outside help.

“There’s a cultural aspect that we take care of our own and feel more comfortable doing that or feel shame about the idea of putting a family member in a care facility,” said Dr. Mora Pinzón.

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