Connecting through music

High school student showing a woman how to use a music player

Music is a connection between generations, as explored in a partnership between the Music and Memory program, Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute and Clark Community High School.  Students from the Middleton school participated in a project building connections with residents of two local assisted living center. WAI Outreach Specialist Kristen Kehl-Floberg met with the students and spoke to them about aging and memory loss, and helped connect the group with local resources. As part of the program, students also visited UW Hospital to attend a brain-cutting in the morgue, where Dr. M. Shahriar Salamat, a pathologist, teaches medical students to better understand and diagnose cause of death and brain disease.

Photo: The high school students met with the older adults, asked them their music preferences and favorite songs, and then filled music players with songs for the older adults. In this photo, student Chloe Gallenback helps a resident use a music player. Photo by Andy Manis for the Wisconsin State Journal.

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