Researcher – Betthauser Lab

The Betthauser Neuroimaging Lab, led by Dr. Tobey Betthauser, is seeking an enthusiastic and highly motivated individual to join our quickly growing research team. Dr. Betthauser and his research group are highly supportive of career development for individuals looking to gain clinical research skills and experience including one-on-one guidance on topics such as data study design and implementation, curation and analysis, statistical methods, neuroimaging methods, scientific writing, and presentation of research findings. Dr. Betthauser, his lab, and collaborators prioritize equity, diversity, and inclusion in their daily activities and value the experiences and ideas of others in our research and interpersonal interactions. This Researcher will primarily perform research activities for new and ongoing research projects including data intake, analyses, presentation of results, and first-authored publication of scientific findings in peer-reviewed journals under the supervision and direction of Dr. Betthauser.  Read full job posting.