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Prevea-Eau Claire Family Medicine Clinic

The Geriatric Diagnostic Center focuses on the older adult and family members. Our specialized health care team, with expertise in geriatric care, provides a comprehensive assessment of an elder's total health care needs. Specialized areas of assessment include: memory, function; gait, balance and mobility; bowel and bladder continence; as well as mood. Emphasis is on health promotion, early diagnosis and treatment of diseases as well as preservation of maximum function and independence.


What can the patient and family expect?


Before the visit, you will:

  • Contact Prevea -Eau Claire Family Medicine Clinic.
  • Complete a pre-visit questionnaire.
  • Receive a mailed packet of information and forms.
  • Complete the Health History and Care Giver Assessment forms.
  • Sign the Release of Medical Information form(s).
  • Mail the completed Health History, Care Giver Assessment and Release of Medical Information forms to Eau Claire Family Medicine Clinic within 1 week of receiving the forms.
  • Once medical records are received, you will receive a telephone call from a Geriatric Diagnostic Center health care team member to schedule the first appointment. Two options are available:
    • Option 1: an initial 2 hour clinic visit with a 1 hour follow-up clinic visit.
    • Option 2: an initial 2 hour in-home visit followed by a 1 hour in-home or clinic visit (Note: This option is available for frail, home-bound elders).

Bring to the first visit:

  • All medications (prescription and over-the-counter).
  • All insurance cards.

At the initial visit, the Prevea-Eau Claire Family Medicine Clinic's health care team will:

  • Review the health history information.
  • Complete the medial and functional assessments as well as the physical examination.
  • Perform laboratory and radiologic testing, if indicated.
  • Assess caregiver needs.
  • Complete referrals, as needed.

At the follow-up visit, the Prevea-Eau Claire Family Medicine Clinic's health care team will:

  • Discuss the findings, diagnoses and treatment recommendations. A written report will be available.
  • Provide information about the diagnoses as well as health education.
  • Discuss recommendations for community service options and future planning.
  • Provide links to support associations.

The Health Care Team: The team includes a registered nurse and a social worker, as well as a family nurse practitioner and two family physicians with certification and/or experience in geriatric health care.


Your Primary Physician: These assessment services are meant to be a resource for you, your family, and your own physician. We do not intend to become a replacement for your primary care.


A copy of the written evaluation and plan of care will be given to you and your health care provider.


Cost: Third party payers, including Medicare and private insurance, usually cover these services, in full or in part. All services are provided on a fee-for-serve basis. Assistance will be provided in determining availability of coverage.


Appointment Scheduling: The assessment services are available on Tuesday mornings. To inquire further or to schedule an appointment please call during business hours Monday through Friday. Ask to speak with a member of the geriatric assessment health care team to discuss your individual situation, needs, and expectations.


For more information, or to make an appointment, please contact:


Prevea-Eau Claire Family Medicine Clinic
Joan Hamblin, MD, Director
617 W. Clairemont Avenue
Eau Claire, WI 54701
Phone: 715-839-5175
Fax: 715-839-5176



This clinic is a member of the WAI-Affiliated Dementia Diagnostic Clinic Network. Network clinics differ from other memory clinics in that their staff have received training/observation time and/or guidance from the WAI and the UW Health Memory Assessment Clinic. In addition, clinic network staff attend the WAI's annual conference and bi-annual clinic network meetings, which provide up-to-date research and disease management information. Clinics in the network do remain autonomous, but follow a set of guidelines.

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